Stephen Curry passes Jason Terry for third place on the list of 3 pointers in the NBA


Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry is now third on the NBA's three-point scoring list, surpassing Jason Terry after beating the Chicago Bulls three times on Friday night.

Curry, 30, acknowledged before the match how much his rise on the list mattered to him when he passed each name.

"I do not think about it that much, I always think of it in terms of the names I pursue," Curry said. "I mixed the numbers in Sacramento, I thought I caught Jason – in the top three with Reggie [Miller] and Ray [Allen]. I wanted to keep the game ball of this game, just because growing up, these two guys were the metric for the 3-point shot. I was very careful when Ray pursued Reggie throughout this race. I remember the game when [Allen] finally past him, Reggie was on the sidelines and he approached and shook his hand. This was a special moment for guys who like to shoot basketball, so for me to be close – just with these two guys in terms of 3-point shooting, I wanted to remember that moment even if it did not summer. happen. So for me, being so close is special. And again, the longevity of the significance of these numbers, I want to continue to chase them. "

1. Ray Allen 2.9732. Reggie Miller 2 5603. Stephen Curry 2.2834. Jason Terry 2,2825. Kyle Korver 2,214

The third pointer of the Curry night, the 2.283rd of his career, arrived with 9 minutes and 59 seconds in the third quarter thanks to a decisive pass from Draymond Green. The realization of Curry was announced to the crowd and he received a strong ovation from the fans at Oracle Arena.

Curry thinks that the league's three-point revolution will not change in the near future.

"You have the talent to do it, do it," said Curry. "I think it's only a change of perspective, of the type of work that guys are working on, how they are trying to improve, developing their game. teams put up alignments that highlight the 3-point shot.You try to aim for high percentages, that's the most important thing.If you just hit 20% every night, this n & # 39; It's not fun to watch, but in terms of talent and skills, and how you create these 3- Shots, guys who shoot them to a high percentage, and who win wins, that's been for me a huge part of my game, will continue to be a big part of my game from the point of view of the team.I am sure it will continue to come to sustainability, who knows? i'm sure nobody can predict that, but each era is a little different. "

Curry's teammate, Kevin Durant, recently made it known that he did not think the three point dam in the league would be sustainable over the next few years, but Curry, the man at the center of the revolution of shooting, think the game will continue developing long distance shooters as long as they hit at a high rate.

  • DeMarcus' cousins ​​will join the squad next week when he debuts at the Warriors, said coach Steve Kerr.

  • Paul George, of Oklahoma City, has supplanted Kevin Durant of the Golden State in the first five games for the West Conference in the latest totals of votes for the NBA All-Star Game.

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    "The guys who shoot the ball well will keep pulling it," Curry said. "It's obvious that the trend is going in a certain direction, so you want to celebrate the guys who can do it and the teams that do it well, which will be at the end of the year in the playoffs, when if a team wants to go out and they shoot 60 3 and they make 10 and they lose, they could change a little bit.But in terms of creating 3 open, shoot at a high percentage, our way of playing, that's obviously successful. "

    The Warriors' coach, Steve Kerr, a 45.4% shooter who evolves beyond the bow during his career, has repeatedly praised Curry for the time and effort that he has had. he devoted himself to perfecting his art.

    "I think all the big shooters have a work ethic," Kerr said. "There is obviously a natural touch of fire for all these guys, they were probably all great shooters at the age of 6. There is contact and hand-eye coordination that is automatic, but the 39 work ethic and the routine that I think Reggie and Ray were well known for their work habits and work ethic.I see the same thing about Steph every day, never miss a day. has a lot of work going on … it's the common denominator. "