'NBA 2K19' 2KTV Episode 18 Free Answers, Rewards and VC's


NBA 2K19 has a new episode of 2KTV, which means more chances to get free rewards from VC and MyTeam. To make sure you get the most out of your money, here are the questions and answers.

NBA 2K19 2kTV meets Mad Ants To get free VCs from 2KTV this week, you'll have to think about your debut with the Fort Wayne Mad Ants. Visual Concepts / Sports 2K

Although they are listed in a specific order below, note that these questions can sometimes be randomized. As such, we have included each complete question so that you can better follow.

  • What are you looking forward to? – No matter what answer [50 VC]
  • In MyCareer, which team did you trade in Fort Wayne? – South Bay Lakers [2KTV clothing item]
  • In MyCareer, who was your teammate in college? – Corey Harris [100 VC]
  • With which character did your MyPlayer trigger a firework? – Howie Carter [100 VC]
  • Which team did you join? – No matter what answer [50 VC]
  • Who would you rather have in your crew? – No matter what answer [50 VC]
  • What do you usually do after setting up a screen? – No matter what answer [50 VC]
  • How many HOF badges have Pink Arenas Gilbert Diamond Signature Limited? – 11 [100 VC]
  • Which mode do you prefer to win tokens? – No matter what answer [50 VC]
  • Which former player had the first Signature Series? – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar [100 VC]
  • What is your best game? – No matter what answer [50 VC]
  • What is your favorite genre of Top Play? – No matter what answer [50 VC]
  • This week's 2KTV episode focuses on developing the game's MyCareer mode and includes several interviews with key players about the complexity of the motion capture process. Like most players who played NBA 2K19 I'll probably know, this year's MyCareer focuses on the story of an underrated player named AI, who rises from the Chinese League to the South Bay Lakers and Fort Wayne Mad Ants. After having proven himself in the G-League, AI is sent to an NBA team chosen by the player.

    Although there are many ways to win free VC playing 2K19, getting these exact answers is probably one of the simplest methods for quickly accumulating currency. You will not earn a ton by playing a single episode, but the totals reach a pretty healthy handbag by the end of the month if you manage to ask each question every week. Fortunately, for episode 18, we are here for you.

    NBA 2K19 is now available on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC. 2KTV's answers should be the same on all platforms.

    Have you been able to score free VCs by getting correct answers? What are your thoughts on NBA 2K19MyCareer mode? Tell us in the comments section!