Voting totals for the NBA All-Star Game were published before the announcement of the list


If the NBA All-Star Game were to take place this weekend, then the most useful player of the regular season and a player-at-the-final against last year's final would not even make the lineups departure.

The most recent voting scores were released Thursday by the NBA league, and neither James Harden nor Kevin Durant are among the five starting players on the Western Conference team.

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James leads all players in the league with 2,779,812 votes. Giannis Antetokounmpo, a Milwaukee Bucks forward, leads all Eastern Conference players with 2,670,816 votes, ahead of James in the NBA.

Antetokounmpo, Kawhi Leonard (Toronto Raptors), Joel Embid (Philadelphia, 76), Kyrie Irving (Boston Celtics) and Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat) were the main winners.

James, Luka Doncic (Dallas Mavericks), Paul George (Thunder of Oklahoma City), Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) and Derrick Rose (Minnesota Timberwolves) are among the five starters (which include three front-row spots). and two in the rear area). .

Kevin Durant, who has been the most valuable player in the NBA finals in the past two seasons, has more than 140,000 votes behind Paul George for a starting spot.

James Harden, the Houston Rockets guard who was the most valuable player of the regular season in 2017-18, is more than 40,000 behind Durant.

Fan votes count for 50% of star teams, votes of players representing 25% of the team and a media vote for the rest. The vote for fans, players and the media opened on December 25th and will end on January 21st.

Teams are not divided by conference for the actual game, however. The winner of the highest vote in each conference is named captain of their team, then they designate the players among the star starters of the conference and the reserve list to form their team.

Stars and Captains will be announced on January 24 and reservations will be announced a week later.

Last year was the first year of the captain format, and this year will be the first time the captains project will be televised. report.

The weekend of the NBA All-Star 2019 will take place from February 15 to 17 in Charlotte. The NBA Celebrity and Rising Stars match will take place on February 15th, the Slam Dunk Contest and the 3 point shootout will be on February 16th and the NBA All-Star Game will take place at 8pm. HE on February 17th.