Givenchy is preparing for spring, Louis Vuitton reveals its backstage, Converse launches into unisex … The Imperative Madame

This Friday March 30 marks the beginning of spring and if Givenchy imagine the dream bag for sunny days, Converse offers a 100% cloakroom genderless. On the collaboration side, Claudie Pierlot joins forces with Andrea Crews for a new eco-responsible line while the influencer Sincerely Jules signs her second ultra-colorful partnership with Billabong. American vintage tackles waste by supporting Moroccan craftsmanship and Louis Vuitton offers a journey to the heart of its heritage. Finally, adopt the Holi Holi brand pajamas to start this first day of spring in confinement.

Givenchy signs the ideal bag for sunny days

The ID93 in blue leather by Givenchy

The ID93 in blue leather by Givenchy.

Press photo / Givenchy

Unveiled on the occasion of the spring-summer 2020 fashion show, the ID93 bag was imagined by Clare Waight Keller, artistic director of the house Givenchy. Named in tribute to the year 1993, a period marked by minimalist influences, it was designed to ensure both functionality and elegance. The ID93 is now available in three variants: the Crossbody (shoulder bag), the Medium and the Large. On these last two models, additional storage compartments have been added as well as interchangeable handles to carry the bag on the shoulder. A.C.

The ID93 is available from € 1,490 in a selection of Givenchy stores and on

Claudie Pierlot and Andrea Crews team up for a green collection

Claudie Pierlot x Andrea Crews

Claudie Pierlot teams up with Andrea Crews for a very limited capsule green collection.

Claudie Pierlot / Photo press

The Parisian chic of Claudie Pierlot has teamed up with the streetwear label Andrea Crews for an original recycled collection. Six offset limited-edition pieces are available, including an asymmetrical denim dress, a blouse with puffed shoulders and a white jacket and shorts set in English embroidery. An eco-friendly locker room made from eco-friendly materials like recycled denim and organic cotton. A.B.

The collection will be available in a limited edition from March 25, 2020 on and in a selection of brand outlets.

Louis Vuitton unveils its virtual magazine

Preview of The Magazine, the new Louis Vuitton interface

Preview of The Magazine, the new Louis Vuitton interface.

Press photo / Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton just found a replacement at LV Now, the menu of its website bringing together the latest news from the brand. With The Magazine, the luxury house thus comes to strengthen its editorial presence on the digital. This new platform includes different subcategories related to the latest from Louis Vuitton. The "Fashion" menu allows you to discover the brand's latest products and fashion shows, for example, while the "Art and Culture" section reveals the programming of the Louis Vuitton Foundation and its artistic collaborations. A new ultra-complete medium that allows you to explore the heritage and news of Louis Vuitton as much as possible. A.C.

To discover in full on and on the application of the mark.

Second lap for Billabong and Sincerely Jules

Billabong x Sincerely Jules

Billabong and Sincerely Jules present their new sunny collaboration.

Billabong / Photo press

After the success of their first collaboration, the Australian surf brand Billabong and the influencer Julie Sariñana (aka Sincerely Jules on Instagram) announce the release of their second fashion partnership. On the program, rich colors, bold patterns and timeless silhouettes to offer limitless self-expression. Renowned for her sense of style, the Californian influencer of Mexican origin has already unveiled the flagship pieces of the collection on her Instagram account with pictures of warm landscapes. A.B.

All parts are available on and in certain points of sale and corners of the brand.

Shapes, the new unisex line from Converse

Shapes is Converse's first unisex collection

Shapes is Converse's first unisex collection.

Press photo / Converse

Converse has decided to fight against standardization in the fashion industry with its collection Shapes. Regardless of gender or morphology, the shoe brand offers a line of five items in only four different sizes, whereas it usually offers 14. Despite this, this new unisex range adapts to all types of morphology. To be sustainable, Shapes is also made from 50% recycled cotton. Converse already plans to extend this project to the world of skateboarding and basketball with the lines Utility Fleece and Short ready scheduled for late 2020 and 2021 respectively. A.C.

Shapes by Converse will be available for summer 2020 on

American Vintage gives a second life to its unsold goods

A carpet made by Moroccan weavers

A carpet made by Moroccan weavers.

Press photo / American Vintage

To fight against waste, American vintage has chosen to transform its unsold and scraps of fabric into carpets. The Marseille label therefore went to Morocco to meet a cooperative of women weavers capable of carrying out this project. Atlas weavers thus give a second life to these fabrics thanks to their ethical and unique creations. An eco-responsible solution for the brand which has accumulated since 2005 a considerable stock of raw materials, built up over its 30 previous collections. A.B.

The rugs American vintage will be online from March 26, 2020.

Holi Holi carves a night suit

Holi Holi's Palm pajamas

Holi Holi's Palm tree pajamas.

Press photo / Holi Holi

This is THE favorite of the moment. Former magazine reporter She, Jeanne Deroo launched Holi Holi, a brand of indoor clothing and pajamas, at the end of last year. Its goal ? Offer a comfortable and colorful alternative to sad pajamas and lazy joggings put on in a hurry when you get home. Made of fine cotton and washed silk, the models offered by the brand are available for the whole family. Plain, striped, variegated or with palm tree patterns, the Holi Holi outfit is the ideal pretext for spending day and night in pajamas. A.C.

All models are to be discovered on

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