COVID-19: former world aspirant Derrick Jefferson between life and death

Former heavyweight contender Derrick Jefferson struggles for his life after contracting coronavirus, reports network affiliate of Detroit ABC.

Jefferson has been placed in an artificial coma and has mechanical breathing assistance. Family members told W X Y Z that Jefferson’s health was not improving.

A former Golden Gloves champion in the mid-1990s, Jefferson made himself known to the general public by knocking out Maurice Harris in a fight presented in November 1999 on HBO. The K.-O. had in fact been a candidate for the year of The ring.

After defeats against David Izon and Oleg Maskaev in January and May 2000, he had the opportunity to face WBO champion Wladimir Klitschko, who defeated him by referee's arrest in the 2nd round after defeating him sent 3 times to the mat. He ended his career with a record of 28-4-1, 21 K.-O.

Jefferson started boxing late at the age of 25 after having to give up basketball due to a leg injury. He had been shot there after a heated argument in a candy store that left his younger brother paralyzed.