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Announced Thursday on "", the meeting between the SB League and Swiss Basketball clubs to decide, in particular, on the number of foreign reinforcements per team on the match sheet, gave birth to a status quo.

Meeting on Saturday in Friborg, the Chamber decided to keep the current formula, that is, four foreign players (three incumbents plus one substitute) per game, after a vote by the clubs present. "There was perhaps a possibility of reducing this number, given the situation (note: the financial consequences of Covid-19). This would have been a short-term solution for some but ultimately, the clubs voted overwhelmingly against a change, “says Giancarlo Sergi on the phone.

If this decision has not been voted unanimously, the president of Swiss Basket welcomes the retention of this rule. “Even small clubs opted for '3 + 1' because it did not want to prevent the bigger ones, like Friborg, from making Europe. And we, this formula suits us well for the national team: we always have one, or even two Swiss on the ground. That makes 25 or 30 names that we can count on for the selection, ”continues the former player from Neuchâtel, Geneva and Cossonay.

Another point raised on Saturday is the start date of the next season. “It worries us a little. We plan to resume at the end of September, but we are still working on different scenarios (for beginnings in October or November) in the event that we cannot reintegrate the rooms on that date. But given the current situation, we hope to be able to start normally in September. ”

Jérémy Santallo

Created: 14.06.2020, 20h31