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Basketball – Kiady Razanamahenina signs in Vosges

The Malagasy international, Kiady Razanamahenina has been playing in France since 2014. The expatriate will play in an NM1 club starting next season.

Six years already. The former leader of the national team during the Afrobasket U18 boys on Malagasy soil in 2014, Kiady Razanamahenina evolves just after the continental competition abroad, more precisely in France.

Kiady, at the time in the company of Elly Randriampionona, current centerpiece of the national selection in classic basketball as in three against three had finished at the foot of the podium at the end of the African championship of under 18 years, he six years ago. It was the best Malagasy performance out of six Afrobasket that we have hosted since 2009.

In France, Kiady, currently 23 years old and 1.85m tall, has already played in the jersey of several clubs. He just revealed last week in an interview on the Facebook page of the Malagasy Basketball Federation that "I am pleased to officially announce that next season, I will join Get Vosges in NM1".

In his first season in France, Kiady played in the 2014-2015 year for FC Mulhouse Basketball, a young team. The following season 2015-2016, he joined the NM1 workforce, "but due to some concerns, I had to leave the club at the start of the season and then I found a club in Lyon, the Basketball club Porte de l 'Isère in NM3', he explains. He was hired for two seasons, that is, until 2017.

National selection

The international leader changed clubs for the third time the following year. In 2017-2018, he played in the jersey of Troys in NM3. "I had a great season there which allowed me the season after being in NM2 at CergyPontoise (2018-2019) where we went as far as the Play-off. But unfortunately, we lost, ”says Kiady.

And before joining the Vosges club from the next season, he played again last year at Sorgues BC in NM2. “I'm really focused on basketball. I try to progress every day, and especially to learn, "he says. As for his prospects, "my objective is simple, to go as high as possible. I always said to myself that it is by training hard that you make your way so I continue to train to go far, "confides this expatriate.

"It would be a great pleasure to represent my country again for future competitions especially since I really enjoyed the Afrobasket U18G in 2014. And I would like to get my hands on Malagasy basketball and work hand in hand with the staff and staff, to move together and positively Malagasy basketball, "concludes the Malagasy international his interview.