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The NBA recovery to 22 teams for July 30 in its Orlando “bubble” may not be a rolling affair yet. A protest front among the players seems to have taken shape on Friday evening during a conference call on the initiative of Kyrie Irving, vice-president of the Players' Association. How many were there to talk about the risks and the merits of this recovery? Between 50 and 150 according to the different sources which take up information revealed by "The Athletic".

If this conclave failed to attract Lebron James and the handful of “mega-stars” of the League (Giannis, Curry, Leonard), it relied on a host of players whose voices count, like Chris Paul, Kevin Durant or Dwight Howard. And the latter discussed at length on one point: would a return to the game be productive in the context of the social movements started following the assassination of George Floyd?

However according to Shams Sharamia, the journalist of "The Atlantic", Kyrie Irving defended a very clear opinion on this point. "I'm not going to Orlando," said the back of Brooklyn. I'm not on the side of systemic racism and all that crap. There is something unclear in this story (…) I am ready to give up everything I have for social progress. ” Only problem, Kyrie Irving was anyway forfeited this season, since he is treating a shoulder injury. Will his call for unity convince those who should "betray" teammates and employer (and give up part of their salary) to avoid the trip to Disney World? Nothing is less sure.

Because among this group of hesitant players, socio-political demands seem to mix with health fears. Donovan Mitchell, the Jazz All-Star who tested positive for the coronavirus a few weeks ago, fears that he will injure himself if he takes up too quickly. He does not want to take any risk when he has to renegotiate his contract during the off-season. Will these different motivations lead to a common position strong enough to overturn the recovery plan? Response in the coming days.


Created: 13.06.2020, 3:45 p.m.