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Ariège Pyrenees outing return today, 38 km 1500 D +

I shit my breed like never, from the beginning almost it climbed dry so we pushed. Clearly the pushing disassembles me physically, my legs hurt very quickly, I have a racing heart, it dries me direct : /
+600 in 9km, we appreciate

Descent which clearly follows DH, large scree you want some, here I have the impression that my suspends pump too much when I go up and are hard (CMB) when I go down : o

Second climb smoother but +800 com same, I manage to roll roughly. I don’t know if it’s AGGRESSOR or the fact that I burnt myself from the start but in singles almost impossible to climb, I stopped every 100m or less, hell. Part track was fine, except the last 500 meters, pushing back. When I died, I was so bad that my colleague went down 3 times to push my bike while I was trying to climb on foot. Yet it was just steep.

Once up to 95% dead, break yum yum, 5h to go up anyway. We go back down on a narrow mountain side, not used to ultra wide MM I tap the edges like an acorn every 20m : o
First nice part, it makes the mount peeled, we rock in the forest with stream passages that I do in nose-up / manual like an idiot, it amuses me : o

We arrive at a crossroads, we repeat the descent of Lapège from 1 month ago or we take the other and then have to go back up? LAPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGE
Start with water coming out of no one knows or everywhere on the way (water with blue reflection that makes bubbles (: frogaski62: 5) ) my colleague almost ended up hitting his front wheel in a hole (the wolf is life : o)

Then suddenly the same descent as the other time with the pebble pins then drill. I saw myself in the ravine while jumping a step which deported me. Passing through the forest I attacked too much, lost the front which ended in a roll, not asking me how. I avoided falling back on my pizzas from last Sunday which still bite so it's ok, my knees are equal now : o (I still beat my PR, no but oh)

End on the road downhill, 13kms downhill in all to finish. We were going faster than a car without a license which did not overtake us : lol:

In short the 1 pistons it does not brake enough, especially considering how I am con to drive fast and to make me almost afraid of not stopping sometimes. : o

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